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Improved Semiconductor Process Control:
Avantor™ Has The Answers.

Increase process control, improve yields and solve today’s most demanding integration and production challenges with engineered chemistries from Avantor™ Performance Materials.

Our cutting-edge photoresist strippers, post-etch residue removers and etch chemistries offer improved process latitude, selective etch control of emerging substrates and integration structures, and proven, cost-effective solutions to some of the most persistent FEOL, BEOL and far BEOL process and yield challenges.
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Semiconductor Materials for Current & Emerging Technologies

  • New SLCT Selective Etch Chemistries
    Engineered to provide an advanced platform for creating custom profiles and tailored interfaces, our new SLCT series etchants will help improve process yields and streamline FEOL etch and residue removal processes.
  • Advanced Photoresist Strippers
    Formulated for high compatibility with today’s silicon and aluminum substrates and integration schemes, BAKER PRS™ and BAKER ALEG photoresist strippers deliver superior performance, broader process latitude and lower cost of ownership.
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  • Cutting Edge Copper/Low-k Chemistries
    Our BAKER CLk™ Series of photoresist & residue removers are designed for effective use on copper interconnects and sensitive low-k dielectrics, with new products demonstrating advanced selective etch control features.
  • Collaborative Resources to Improve Results
    As new nodes come on line, Avantor™ is expanding our global applications development labs and putting in place experienced process and wet chemistry engineers to support your efforts to maximize yields and performance.
Aluminum, copper and wet process chemical specifications.
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